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Allow Microneedle To Help You Do Away With Stretch Marks


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Stretch marks are also referred to as striate. It is never easy to get rid of them. A torn dermis creates stretch marks on your body. Do not expect stretch marks to disappear completely. Stretch marks are caused because the skin stretches rapidly, as a result of pregnancy, muscle building, and because you rapidly gaining fat or losing weight. This tends to stretch your skin severely, affecting the elasticity of the dermis.

Stretch marks usually appear on the breasts, abdomen, upper and under arms, back, inner and outer thighs, buttocks and hips. They pose no serious threat to one’s health but these purple, reddish lines are not a pleasant sight to behold at all. There are ways to make stretch marks like these less noticeable. For a while, people have been using sprays and lotions in order to cover them up. Stretch marks can be concealed if you choose to wear the proper clothes required for that.

A good option for those wanting to make their stretch marks less visible is using Vitamin C based topical creams. They might not be able to heal your stretch marks completely, but will help in rebuilding and strengthening collagen. Stretched skin has the effect of breaking collagen, so Vitamin C helps in repairing it. It is also advisable to use sunscreen as too much exposure to the sun tends to damage collagen. It will be a wise move to use retinoid post pregnancy. Another tool that is said to work very well in making stretch marks disappear is the Microneedle derma roller. Mentioned below is more information on Microneedle products.

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Torn Dermis

                                     Try Microneedle

For an inexpensive way to get rid of stretch marks and scars and to prolong the signs of aging, it is best that you try Microneedle Magic. Not only does it keep your skin tight, but also promotes the growth of collagen. Not only will Microneedle make you look younger, it will make your skin far more supple.

Microneedle Magic treatment brings in its wake, minuscule tears or lacerations in the epidermis of the skin which constitutes the outer layer. Tears like these will not be visible from outside. The skin produces collagen which is a natural substance that functions as a glue that binds the skin tissues together while trying to repair the damage which has been caused to the skin.

Try this product. The odds are high that you will be pleased with the results!

Fight Scars And Acne Marks With Micro Needle Magic


                    Features Of Microneedle Therapy

You will find hundreds of skin creams and lotions, which are formulated to make your skin free from wrinkles, acne, stretch marks etc. However, a drawback of these creams and lotions is that they do not have the power to penetrate deep into your skin. Due to this drawback, most of the creams and lotions fail to give you positive results. So, how can you help these creams penetrate the skin layers and double their action on your skin cells? Microneedle technique is the answer.

Microneedle is a modern skin therapy technique, where you use rollers that have tiny needles attached to them. The user rolls the device over the skin in various directions and this result in the creation of tiny pores on the skin. Once the tiny pores are formed on the skin, user can apply the creams, which slowly penetrate to the inner layers of the skin. The creams and lotions can deliver maximum results once the skin absorbs them.

A report says that only four percent of creams and lotions applied are absorbed by skin. This is why many of these lotions and creams fail to give positive results to the user. However, when you apply the cream after using Microneedle, the rate of absorption goes up to about 84 percent. This clearly shows how beneficial the Microneedle technique is. The use of Microneedle results in improved collagen production and blood flow.

Some studies have found that Microneedle technique is quick to show its effect and results start to show up from the first week of its use. However, since different people have different types of skin, this time can increase or decrease. With one to three months of treatment, the user can find considerable changes in his skin, as the treatment results in the growth of collagen content and fights marks on skin.

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            Advantages Of Microneedle Therapy

Micro Needle Magic is one of the best Microneedle rollers in the market that comes at an affordable price of $39.99. It is highly effective and fights wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and acne. Micro Needle Magic also aid in hair regeneration. You may use the roller in five easy steps.

Micro Needle Magic is considered as one of the best alternatives to other expensive skin treatments like laser therapy. You also do not have the troubles of visiting skin specialists regularly.  The manufactures guarantee you hundred percent satisfaction with Micro Needle Magic!

Let Your Skin Rejuvenate In The Natural Way

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It is quite true that we do not prefer to use any painful cures even though it might be the perfect remedy. The same applies when we hear about the microneedling therapy. On hearing about needles, one would think about the needles piercing through the skin. However, this is not quite true. This therapy does not involve any bleeding or pain and you just feel a mild tingling sensation when the Microneedle roller rolls over your damaged skin.

About the Microneedle skin roller system

Since acne and scars would have damaged your skin, it is essential to give your skin the natural ability to heal. Instead of using creams and ointments, which let chemicals penetrate into your skin, you can induce your skin cells to produce collagen, which is responsible for repairing the damaged skin cells. This compound is found especially in the outermost layer of epidermis and when the Microneedle roller rolls on your skin, the tiny Titanium needles will create small punctures and helps the generation of collagen, which will in turn enable the development of a fresh new skin by replacing the damaged skin cells. Thus the thousands of cells on the skin gets rejuvenated and they look fresh and supple after the therapy.

Do not expect this therapy to show its effect as soon as you complete the sessions because, the process is slow and hence you will find the change only after a few months. This is one of the effective yet cheaper ways to get your damaged skin treated. Another major advantage is that other than treating acne and scars, it helps to get the wrinkles and fine lines removed from your face. Hence, this can be considered as the perfect skin care device for those who are in their forties.

needles piercing

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Microneedle can be reused plenty of times and they will stay free from rust. However, you need to sterilize it after use in order to prevent the bacterial infection.  The needles can break or get damaged if they fall on the ground. Hence, avoid rough usage of the same. Before using the Microneedle roller, clean your face well and roll the Microneedle roller vertically and horizontally about four to five times and that is all that is required for one session. If the scars are mild, you just need to have one to two sessions a week. After a few weeks, your skin will be accustomed to the device and you can use it four to five times a week.

Now, go ahead and try the Derma Microneedle roller, which costs only $39.99.

Know About The Microneedling Therapy


                            Microneedle therapy

Some users refer to Microneedling as Skinneedling and Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). This therapy involves using a handheld skin roller. This roller has a number of fine pointed needles on its surface, which will cause microscopic punctures on the surface of your skin. The Microneedle roller has needles that range from 1mm to 3mm in length and the punctures only penetrate the topmost layer of your skin. Using the Microneedle activates the natural wound healing process by enhancing the production of collagen and elastin.

The microscopic punctures stimulate collagen production in the top layer of your skin. The needle will also break some of the blood vessels that are situated directly under the surface of your skin. The blood clotting creates the proper environment for the formation of collagen and elastin. These are some of the important elements that help in the rejuvenation of the pores and skin.

The Microneedle may sound a little drastic but the approach occurs on a microscopic level and the outward trauma is negligible. Before using the Microneedle, you will have to use some agents to numb the pores and skin. This therapy is not painful and you will have only a tingling sensation. The Microneedle therapy can be performed on all skin types, including sensitive skin. After the therapy, you will enjoy tighter, thicker and smoother skin. This will also ensure increased flow of blood to the areas of defective healing to minimize the scars (including acne scars) and fine lines on the surface of your skin.

           Derma Microneedle roller

Additional advantages of using the Microneedle therapy is minimized stretch marks and hair loss. The Microneedle therapy can be repeated every 6 to 8 weeks as long as your skin is healed. The formation of collagen can continue up to twelve months after a single treatment.

Instructions To Have An Effective Micro Needle Therapy

You will have to clean your skin well with lukewarm water and then apply your anti-aging cream. By exerting gentle pressure, you will have to roll the Microneedle roller over each area of your face. This should be done first vertically and then horizontally. You can use the roller once or twice a week, until the skin is toned perfectly.

You can increase the frequency to 3 to 5 times a week later. Many of the skin care consultants recommend using this roller to get rid of the stretch marks and scars to get a glowing skin surface.