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Dealing With Scars And Blemishes On Your Face

Derma Roller

            About Derma Roller Skin Treatment

Some of us are very self-conscious and are so worried about the minor scars on the face. Then, there are others, who love to get tattoos and piercings on their face. You need to avoid both extremes. You should not worry about the minor scars that are barely noticeable, as they are part of the natural process of skin healing.

However, if you cannot handle some bad acne scars or blemishes on your face, then you need to see a dermatologist rather than feeling depressed about it. There are many treatments available that good take care of the scars and make them look less noticeable, from expensive laser treatment to the simple and affordable derma roller skin therapy.

About the derma roller skin treatment

Of course, not many people could afford the expensive laser treatment sessions. There are many other effective solution like the derma roller skin therapy. This involves making minute punctures on the affected area on your skin, and starting the skin healing process.

When you had the scars for the first time, they healed and acquired the colour and shape they’re of now. To facilitate this healing, your body produced the proteins, collagen and elastin. The derma roller skin treatment triggers skin healing in the same area by making these minute punctures. These punctures are too small to make any new scars, as they done using micro needles.

These small punctures would be enough to start the cycle of skin healing process that would last of few weeks, where your skin would continue to produce more collagen and elastin in the area. As a result of this healing, the old scars in the same area would become soft and faded and become less noticeable.

Once this cycle stops, undergo another session of derma roller skin treatment to trigger the process again, and continue this treatment for many more months. As you can see, this would take some time, as it relies on the skin’s natural healing process to do the job. However, if you are patient enough to undergo a few sessions, giving enough time for the skin to heal in between, you would soon start to see some changes, and the scars would have already become less noticeable.

About Micro Needle Magic

Titanium Micro Needles

                  Micro Needle Derma Roller

For this type of skin treatment, you need to use a good quality derma roller. A good option would be the Micro Needle Magic brand available in the market. The Micro Needle Magic derma roller uses medical grade titanium micro needles that would cause no irritation to the user.

Follow the instructions carefully, use the Micro Needle Magic derma roller on the affected areas of your skin, and you will see the results in a few weeks.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

Microneedle Therapy System

                   Microneedle Skin Therapy

There is no particular age for anyone to get wrinkles. In fact, it is observed that even young people in their 20s start getting wrinkles. The most prominent type of wrinkles is known as ‘crow’s feet’ that forms around the eyes. This happens mainly because of spending more time outside in the sun.

On the other hand, there are lucky people who are in the prime of their age but still do not have wrinkles. This is because they might have probably taken good care of their skin. Largely, flawless and smooth skin is dependent on hereditary factors. By using the Microneedle therapy system, you can also proudly flaunt spotless and smooth skin.

It is fascinating to know that the aging process can be slowed down significantly. In a way, we can see that the Microneedle therapy system will help us in reversing the process of natural aging. Our skin has amazing natural healing properties and the Microneedle Therapy System takes maximum advantage of this fact. By using the derma roller, we are actually triggering the natural ability of our skin in generating building blocks for forming a much tighter and younger looking skin. This is exactly how we will able to get rid of wrinkles by using the Microneedle therapy system.

The Microneedle skin therapy aids in boosting collagen production in our skin. This is done by inducing painless perceived puncturing and opening pores of the upper layer of our skin. As a result, there will be increased flow of blood and collagen production that will help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The best part of using the Microneedle Therapy System is that the skin repair is done without any damage or pain that is usually associated with other type of treatments such as chemical peels, laser treatments and micro-dermabrasions.

Micro Needle Magic

Derma Roller

                      Microneedle Derma Therapy

Are you looking for a highly effective and less expensive method to remove stretch marks, pimples and wrinkles? Then you will certainly be able to enjoy 100% positive results by using the unique Micro Needle Magic. This effective skin therapy will slow down your aging process in a significant manner. The Microneedle therapy system will help to keep your skin supple and there will be an increased production of collagen.

Usually, the overall restructuring and healing process of the skin will be complete within a couple of months. On the other hand, some people will start experiencing visible results with just 4 to 5 microneedling sessions. You can take pictures to keep a track of your skin’s healing process!