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Microneedle Roller - An Ideal Solution For Skin Problems

       Microneedle skin care system

Microneedle skin dermal roller is one of the latest entries into the field of skin care solutions. However, it has gained wide popularity than many of the existing skin care solutions. What makes it so popular is its effectiveness and ease of use. While one needs to compromise on his normal schedule while undergoing the traditional skin care treatments, the Microneedle skin dermal roller allows you do it at your convenience. The downtime of the treatment is relatively less and most importantly, it is one of the safest skin care treatments out there.

What is Microneedle skin dermal roller?

As the name indicates, Microneedle skin care roller is a hand held device with a roller that contains about many fine needles. When you roll this device over your skin or over the affected area, the micro needles on the roller penetrate the skin and create invisible wounds on the upper skin layer. When the wounds are created, the neurons in the skin reports it to the brain and the brain commands the body to begin the natural wound healing process. The wounds created on the skin are invisible and they do not cause any pain. However, some may experience some tingling sensation while treating their skin with Microneedle skin dermal roller.

What are the benefits of Micro dermal skin care system?

Microneedle skin care system is recommended for the following reasons.

  • It removes stretch marks and scars.
  • It reduces the aging and treats wrinkles effectively.
  • Helpful in treating hair loss and hair restoration.
  • Ideal for cellulite reduction therapy.
  • Can be effectively used on chin area and jaw lines.
  • Rollers come in varying sizes for convenient use on different areas such as the dry scalp and the uneven chin.

    cellulite reduction therapy

    Using Microneedle skin dermal roller

  • Useful in exfoliating the dead skin cells on the skin surface and in triggering the growth of fresh and young skin cells.
  • The roller can be used by people of all ages on their skin without causing any side effects.
  • Can be used at the convenience of one’s home and time.

Normally, a treatment session with Microneedle skin dermal roller should not exceed more than 20 minutes. You can resume your normal schedule about half an hour after the treatment. If you have problems like psoriasis, acne lesions or active infections, Microneedle skin dermal roller is not recommended for you. Consult your physician for the most appropriate treatment instead.