Problems From Microneedle Treatment


                  Microneedle Roller

You may be alarmed at the idea of pricking yourself with a roller covered in 200 needles, no matter how small they are. Microneedle roller uses one, for instance. But then, with Microneedle, you barely feel the sting when so many finely crafted needles are used together.

These needles are engineered to give you the least discomfort possible, and if used properly, they will not leave the skin bleeding. The application is much the same as with acupuncture, which uses pinpricks on the skin for therapy. However, the latter enervates the nerves, while Microneedle induces production of natural healing agents to rejuvenate the skin.

Use with caution

Use the roller on your skin, adhering to the instructions provided alongside. This way, you will see no side effects, besides the normal reddening of the treated area as one. You should not consider that harmful though, as it is the only way to know that the Microneedle treatment is working. But if it bothers you overly, put on some sunscreen lotion or cream on the skin. Reddening aside, when using the roller, you will only feel a slight tickle at the most.

Skin Bleeding

                 Microneedle Treatment

That has not to say Microneedle cannot be botched enough to injure. Improper use can mean bleeding in the treated area. Also, remember to keep the roller a long way away from the more sensitive areas, like the eyes and lips. Your skin is softer on the face than on the rest of the body, so make sure to use only mild pressure there. If you don’t care for the sensation when using the roller, use some numbing cream to prevent discomfort. This is an even better idea if you want to apply more pressure than normal.

Microneedle derma roller is a wonderful product with broad benefits, but to get these you must go about using it properly. The first step to ensuring you do, is reading the instruction manual thoroughly when you get the package. If you have any misgivings about the effect this may be having on your skin, visit a doctor. Do not proceed with Microneedle skin treatment if you are not comfortable with it.

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