Points To Be Considered Before Using Derma Rollers

Micro needling

                      Micro needle derma rollers

A youthful and blemish-free skin is what everybody desires. However, due to lack of proper nutrition and inadequate care for our skin, blobs, acne marks, or scars may appear on the skin. If you do not get enough time to spend in parlors or for skin care therapies, micro needling is the right option for you.

Micro needling is the method of treating the skin naturally. Micro needle derma rollers make small pores on the skin and promote the production of collagen, a body component that heals the wounds on our skin naturally. When you apply creams or lotions after micro needling, it helps in better absorption of the applied skincare products.

Despite the fact that micro needling is a simple and inexpensive way of removing unwanted scars, marks, and spots from the skin, you should consider a few points before using derma rollers. For instance, you should prepare a hygienic environment prior to micro needling. It is important to make the derma roller sterile with alcohol disinfectant solution, and wash your hands properly with soap before you begin.

Experts suggest preparing the skin where you intend to use the micro needle therapy with a topical anesthetic gel before the procedure. Though this is not necessary, applying an anesthetic gel would help the tiny needles get deeper into the epidermis and aid in better results. While micro needling on your skin, use the derma roller back and forth, horizontally, vertically, and diagonally with gentle pressure. You can add a slight more pressure if you have applied an anesthetic gel on the skin, but do not use the roller rashly to make deeper pores.

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Micro needling is a pain-free therapy and you should use the derma rollers appropriately. If you see any blood coming out of the pores, it is advised to stop using the derma roller immediately. Wash the treated skin with cold water and dry it to allow the natural healing process start. Applying Vitamin C and E rich moisturizers and lotions on the treated area would further support collagen production and skin healing.

Micro Needle Magic is one of the most prominent derma rollers available in the market today, which is medically approved for treating acne marks and other non-keloidal scars from the skin. Interestingly, users testify that they witnessed positive results after using this affordable derma roller for just 4-5 micro needling sessions.

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