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Micro Needling

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You might have seen many people with scars and acne marks. You might even be one who has some on your face. There is no doubt that you would have tried plenty of remedies that would have promised wonderful results. If you have simply lost your money and have gained no results at all, it would be better to think about a new solution that could seriously work wonders on your skin. If you are looking forward to one such remedy, then you can try micro needling using derma rollers. But before you start the micro needling treatment, it is essential to know more about it.

About micro needling

Micro needling is a skin treatment that is done using a derma roller. This is a hand held device that has a small roller connected to one of its ends. This roller comprises of about 540 microneedles that are made of titanium. Micro needling encourages the natural property of the skin to repair the damaged skin tissues.

During the micro needling process, the micro needles will create microscopic pores on your skin and this will stimulate the collagen and elastin production on your skin. These are generally skin proteins that encourage skin repair. They produce new skin tissues that replace the damaged skin that has scars and pores on it. Thus, collagen will help you to replace the damaged skin cells and create fresh new skin tissues that are softer and thicker.

The process using derma roller is not at all painful. There are lots of people who fear about the pain associated with the micro needling procedure. But in fact, they cause only a tingling sensation during the process of rolling the derma roller on the skin.

Create Microscopic Pores

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Micro Needle Magic

Micro Needle Magic is the best derma roller available today and you can easily use it. It has microneedles that are about .2 mm in thickness, attached to the roller. You can clean your face with water and roll the device to and fro on your face. After four to five times, you can stop the session. Repeat the session a few weeks later. After a few consequent sessions, you will find the acne marks and scars disappearing gradually. The device can even be used for treating wrinkles, fine lines and other skin afflictions.

There is no doubt that your friends and dear ones would definitely envy your skin and follow your path. Micro Needle Magic costs only $39.99 and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.