How Is Micro Needling Effective In Fighting Various Skin Issues

                  Micro Needling Technique

All of us like to have a shining skin free from scars, wrinkles and acne marks. Unfortunately, in due course of time, these marks could appear on your face. If you do not treat these skin issues right from the beginning, they might escalate and make your skin look dull. There are many treatment methods for these skin issues and one of them is micro needling. Micro needling technique is considered a natural form of treating your skin issues. In this post, we will find out the various benefits of using the Micro needling technique.

Micro needling is considered effective for various skin issues like stretch marks, lax skin, cellulite, stretch marks, chicken pox scars, wrinkles, facial lines, hair loss, visible pores, scars etc. that formed due to surgeries, scars from injuries etc. By the use of Micro needling, the collagen production in the skin rises. This in turn leads to thickening of the skin and thus the smoothening of wrinkles. Increase in collagen production also leads to improved skin texture, its overall quality, firmness and luminosity.

Micro Needling is done using derma rollers. The rollers are moved back and forth over the skin in this treatment. During the procedure, topical creams are applied on the skin and by the Micro needling technique, the topical creams go to the inner layers of the skin. This helps in obtaining improved results.

Now, let us find out which all kinds of wrinkles can be fought using Micro needling. The first type of wrinkles that can be easily smoothened are the sun damaged ones. They usually occur around the eyes, upper lip, and eyebrow. This treatment method is also ideal for wrinkles that form around the face and the ones formed across the cheeks.

Derma Rollers

             Advantages Of Micro Needling

Micro Needle Magic

Micro Needle Magic is the best derma roller available in the market. It includes high quality needles, which are available in three different lengths to choose from. Depending upon the type of your skin, you may choose the 0.5mm, 1.0mm or 1.5mm rollers.

Micro Needle Magic helps to create small pores in the skin without giving you pain. Since the needles are made using high quality titanium, you need not fear infections or other side effects. However, make sure that you clean them thoroughly before and after use. These rollers come at an unbelievable price of just 19.97 rollers. So, if you wish to regain your sparkling skin, purchase Micro Needle Magic today!