Advantages Of Using Derma Roller

Derma roller

Derma roller treatment

The derma roller therapy makes use of a device that has almost 200 superfine stainless steel needles. These needles will create several ruptures on the top most layer of the skin. You need to use derma roller all over the affected areas. The roller enhances collagen production in the skin. This will replace the damaged skin tissues with fresh skin cells. There are certain things that you need to do after the derma roller treatment. They are as the following-

  • Gently cleanse your face using lukewarm water for 2 days after the derma roller therapy. Make sure that you are absorbing the water properly without rubbing the area. You should also ensure that your hands are clean to avoid infections.
  • Try to avoid using any makeup for at least 12 hours after the derma roller treatment. On the other hand, you can use mild antiseptic creams. This will ensure that there will not be any infections after the derma roller therapy.

Recovery time after derma roller therapy

In most cases, the recovery time after the treatment can be 24 hours to a couple of days. Usually the treatment is not found to be a major problem. This is because many people are able to resume back to their normal routine without much delay. One thing to be noted is that the recovery period mainly depends on the harshness of the skin disease and the length of the microneedle used.

Micro Needle Magic         

collagen production

Derma roller therapy

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