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Dealing With Scars And Blemishes On Your Face

Derma Roller

            About Derma Roller Skin Treatment

Some of us are very self-conscious and are so worried about the minor scars on the face. Then, there are others, who love to get tattoos and piercings on their face. You need to avoid both extremes. You should not worry about the minor scars that are barely noticeable, as they are part of the natural process of skin healing.

However, if you cannot handle some bad acne scars or blemishes on your face, then you need to see a dermatologist rather than feeling depressed about it. There are many treatments available that good take care of the scars and make them look less noticeable, from expensive laser treatment to the simple and affordable derma roller skin therapy.

About the derma roller skin treatment

Of course, not many people could afford the expensive laser treatment sessions. There are many other effective solution like the derma roller skin therapy. This involves making minute punctures on the affected area on your skin, and starting the skin healing process.

When you had the scars for the first time, they healed and acquired the colour and shape they’re of now. To facilitate this healing, your body produced the proteins, collagen and elastin. The derma roller skin treatment triggers skin healing in the same area by making these minute punctures. These punctures are too small to make any new scars, as they done using micro needles.

These small punctures would be enough to start the cycle of skin healing process that would last of few weeks, where your skin would continue to produce more collagen and elastin in the area. As a result of this healing, the old scars in the same area would become soft and faded and become less noticeable.

Once this cycle stops, undergo another session of derma roller skin treatment to trigger the process again, and continue this treatment for many more months. As you can see, this would take some time, as it relies on the skin’s natural healing process to do the job. However, if you are patient enough to undergo a few sessions, giving enough time for the skin to heal in between, you would soon start to see some changes, and the scars would have already become less noticeable.

About Micro Needle Magic

Titanium Micro Needles

                  Micro Needle Derma Roller

For this type of skin treatment, you need to use a good quality derma roller. A good option would be the Micro Needle Magic brand available in the market. The Micro Needle Magic derma roller uses medical grade titanium micro needles that would cause no irritation to the user.

Follow the instructions carefully, use the Micro Needle Magic derma roller on the affected areas of your skin, and you will see the results in a few weeks.

Rejuvenate Your Skin Using Microneedling Therapy

Microneedle skin dermal roller

             Use Microneedle skin dermal roller

Skin is the largest organ in our body and it acts as a protective layer. When acne, scars or pores start appearing on our skin, it starts affecting our confidence. Since women are more concerned about their skin, they would find it difficult to go for parties or functions with their dry and rough skin.

If you have been encountering the problem of acne, scars, fine lines or wrinkles, do not worry because you could definitely try the most effective treatment that would cure the acne or pores by making use of the skin’s natural healing technique.

Try microneedling

Microneedling is a skin treatment that is normally done by making use of the microneedle skin dermal roller and it is a handheld device that consists of 540 medical grade titanium microneedles. This microneedle skin dermal roller is capable of creating small punctures on the skin upon rolling the device on the affected area. Thus, the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of the skin, starts producing collagen and elastin and these are the proteins that are responsible for healing the skin tissue.

When small punctures are created on the skin using the microneedle skin dermal roller, you could apply the moisturizing cream or acne creams that would pass nutrients to the skin tissue, which gets absorbed easily. Moreover, the damaged skin cells are replaced with fresh new skin that is soft and supple.

How to use microneedle skin dermal roller?

Let your skin be perfectly clean and for that you can wash your face using a mild face wash and dry your skin. Now take the microneedle skin dermal roller and apply it horizontally and vertically over the area four to five times. You could even apply a numbing cream before running the microneedle skin dermal roller.  You can have two to three sessions a week initially and after a gap of five to eight weeks, you can commence the next session.

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              Try Microneedle skin dermal roller

Do not expect the microneedle skin dermal roller to show results soon. After a few weeks only would you find your skin to be quite smooth and supple. They would turn younger as new skin tissue had replaced the old ones.

About Micro Needle Magic

If you were looking for an effective microneedling device, it would be best to purchase Micro Needle Magic. This is one of the most effective and widely used microneedling devices available in the market. It is made of quality materials and would be effective on all types of skin.

Micro Needle Magic And Its Features

Derma Microneedle roller

                   Features Of Microneedle Roller

Different marks, scars etc. on your skin can lessen your confidence level and make you look less groomed. Therefore, it is important that you go for an effective remedy for these issues. One technique that is quickly becoming popular is derma Microneedle roller. This roller is designed to give your skin the right tone and texture and make it free from scars, marks, wrinkles etc.

You might have tried different techniques like skin creams and lotions and might be wondering why you are not getting the desired results. The reason is quite simple. These lotions and creams fail to penetrate the interiors of your skin. Only proper absorption of these creams can give you the desired results. Now, with a derma Microneedle roller, you can ensure the proper absorption of the creams that you apply, and in turn make your skin beautiful.

You can find many Microneedle rollers in the market and therefore, the choice of a good one can be difficult. In this post, we will acquaint you with one such derma Microneedle roller that has been tried and testified by thousands of customers. The name of this derma Microneedle roller is Micro Needle Magic.

Features of Micro Needle Magic

Micro Needle Magic consists of 540 tiny Titanium needles that are designed to give you the best results. You will find many other rollers in the market that have longer needles. However, by using these rollers, you can damage your skin and may even get hurt. Micro Needle Magic does not induce pain on your skin and carefully creates the tiny pores necessary for the absorption of skin creams and lotions.

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                      Advantages Of Microneedle Roller

When you use a roller with long needles, it can negatively affect the collagen production in your skin, and in turn you may fail to acquire positive results. On the other hand, Micro Needle Magic has needles that are fine and thin like human hair. This helps promote collagen production and in turn starts showing its effects within a few sessions of use.

This derma Microneedle roller has thousands of satisfied customers around the world. You can find numerous customer reviews on this derma Microneedle roller, from those who have acquired quick and positive results within a few weeks of use. Micro Needle Magic is also the most affordable skin therapy system available in the market. It costs you just $39.99, and is comparatively much cheaper than other forms of treatments like laser therapy.

Enhance Skin Texture With Skin Needling Therapy

Microneedle derma roller

                  Microneedle Derma Roller Therapy

Are you worried about the deep scars, fine lines and wrinkles on your face? Do not allow age to take over! Here is a new remedy that uses advanced skin enhancement therapy. It is none other than the skin needling technique. Skin needling through Microneedle derma roller helps with healing acne, scars, wrinkles and pores on your face. Its natural healing process facilitates skin repairs within a few days.

Microneedle derma roller is a handheld device with titanium alloy needles. It works by gently massaging the facial skin with its special strong needles. When the needles are gently rolled over the face, it stimulates the production of collagen, an essential healing protein in the skin.

Collagen Induction therapy

When collagen and elastin fibers work to heal the skin naturally, you will get scar-free, healthy skin.  The process is referred to as collagen induction therapy. When collagen is introduced into the skin with the help of the derma roller, it helps in the deeper absorption of topical products applied over the skin. In fact, it enhances the penetration rate of the topical creams.

When Microneedle derma roller is rolled over the skin in vertical and horizontal motions, it makes minuscule lacerations on the skin. These micro channels stimulate the skin to form collagen and other elastin fibers to start the skin healing process by natural means.

Microneedle derma roller does not possess any side effects as it uses the natural skin healing attributes of the body. Even though it penetrates the skin to remove the dead skin cells and old tissues, Microneedle derma roller does not cause any damage to the upper dermis.

elastin fibers

 Microneedle Derma Roller For Skin Enhancement

Microneedle derma roller treatment is more effective than laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and chemical peel skin enhancement techniques. While you use Microneedle derma roller therapy, there are no risks of skin trauma which are commonly associated with the conventional skin enhancement treatments. In fact, there will be not any instances of lightening or darkening of skin after the Microneedle therapy.

Skin needling therapy has shown immediate effects when it comes to reducing acne scars, pores, wrinkles and stretch marks. It helps in regenerating skin and hair cells. You could get the desired results after four to five Microneedle derma roller treatments. The micro channels will be healed after a few days of treatment. A complete changeover is seen over a period, depending upon the severity of the scars.

Use Microneedle Magic to transform your skin tone. Bring back life to your skin and stay young!

Microneedle Roller - An Ideal Solution For Skin Problems

       Microneedle skin care system

Microneedle skin dermal roller is one of the latest entries into the field of skin care solutions. However, it has gained wide popularity than many of the existing skin care solutions. What makes it so popular is its effectiveness and ease of use. While one needs to compromise on his normal schedule while undergoing the traditional skin care treatments, the Microneedle skin dermal roller allows you do it at your convenience. The downtime of the treatment is relatively less and most importantly, it is one of the safest skin care treatments out there.

What is Microneedle skin dermal roller?

As the name indicates, Microneedle skin care roller is a hand held device with a roller that contains about many fine needles. When you roll this device over your skin or over the affected area, the micro needles on the roller penetrate the skin and create invisible wounds on the upper skin layer. When the wounds are created, the neurons in the skin reports it to the brain and the brain commands the body to begin the natural wound healing process. The wounds created on the skin are invisible and they do not cause any pain. However, some may experience some tingling sensation while treating their skin with Microneedle skin dermal roller.

What are the benefits of Micro dermal skin care system?

Microneedle skin care system is recommended for the following reasons.

  • It removes stretch marks and scars.
  • It reduces the aging and treats wrinkles effectively.
  • Helpful in treating hair loss and hair restoration.
  • Ideal for cellulite reduction therapy.
  • Can be effectively used on chin area and jaw lines.
  • Rollers come in varying sizes for convenient use on different areas such as the dry scalp and the uneven chin.

    cellulite reduction therapy

    Using Microneedle skin dermal roller

  • Useful in exfoliating the dead skin cells on the skin surface and in triggering the growth of fresh and young skin cells.
  • The roller can be used by people of all ages on their skin without causing any side effects.
  • Can be used at the convenience of one’s home and time.

Normally, a treatment session with Microneedle skin dermal roller should not exceed more than 20 minutes. You can resume your normal schedule about half an hour after the treatment. If you have problems like psoriasis, acne lesions or active infections, Microneedle skin dermal roller is not recommended for you. Consult your physician for the most appropriate treatment instead.