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Use The Natural Skin Healing Therapy

Microneedle Roller Review

Brief List Of Microneedle Roller Review

As per a Microneedle roller review, skin needling through derma Microneedle roller provides 100 percent cure for skin afflictions arising out of low production of collagen. Microneedle Magic derma roller is the natural cure for stretch marks, wrinkles and pores. As a matter of fact, it uses natural woven collagen to help repair skin damages.

Another Microneedle roller review emphasizes the fact that there are hardly any instances of side effects. Since natural healing is ensured, it is less likely that you incur harmful effects as in the case of dermabrasion and laser skin care therapy.

A Microneedle roller review found online supports the fact that Microneedle skin care therapy takes only 30 days to give the results. The process termed as Collagen Induction therapy relies on skin remodeling where old skin cells are replaced with new skin tissues. In fact, the process of skin remodeling takes a month’s period. Skin needling technology is employed to get better results through the production of natural woven collagen.

How Microneedle Magic works?

A Microneedle roller review explains how to perform Collagen Induction therapy at your home. Microneedle Magic Derma roller makes small incisions on skin with its special titanium needles. When rolled over the affected skin, it stimulates the collagen production to repair the damaged skin cells. The natural woven collagen is responsible for eliminating the instances of acne scars, wrinkles and stretch marks.

As per a Microneedle roller review, the treatment helps fast absorption of essential nutrient ingredients in topical skin care creams. These creams, when applied post Microneedle skin care treatment, will give the best results. A Microneedle roller review supports the fact that even though the treatment makes small lacerations on skin; it does not damage the upper dermis.

Natural Woven Collagen

Microneedle Roller For Skin Care

Microneedle treatment does not pave way for side effects of skin discoloration, itching or skin irritations. When implemented as per the directions, there is no better way to cure skin damages. In fact, with the advent of collagen induction therapy, natural healing for skin damage is assured.

However, keloidal scars are not cured using Microneedle skin care treatments. Indeed, the reasons for keloidal scars are many. It does not come under the purview of Collagen Induction therapy.

Pay only $39.99 to enhance your skin’s natural qualities. Microneedle Magic can delay the effects of ageing. Stay young for the rest for your life by implementing Microneedle Skin care therapy. Natural healing is always the best remedy for skin afflictions!

Microneedle Derma Manual Skin Roller

Microneedle Skin Roller

                       Microneedle Skin Roller Care

Skin care has held prominence as a beauty issue since god knows when.  Microneedle skin roller therapy is one of the current methods employed by women all over to look younger and better.  It involves the use of a hand held Microneedle skin roller, with super fine needles covering it.

Microneedle skin roller

A Microneedle skin roller is one of the most convenient and effective household beauty products. There are many tiny needles on it, which are either 192 or 540 medical-used stainless steel needles with diameters of 0.07-0.2mm. Microneedle skin roller treatment uses these tiny needles on the roller to stimulate the skin into forming collagen hyperplasia through skin self-healing capability.

Titanium is a very expensive material, and due to the high cost of it, there is limited the mass-production of titanium micro-needles.

Effective Solution of Skin problems

  • You can remove skin uneven facial scars.
  • You can dodge wrinkles, nasolabial folds, pimples etc.

How to use Microneedle skin roller?

  • You need to use 75% medical alcohol to completely soak the micro-needle roller for 10-15 minutes before operation. Then you need to wash the roller with normal saline.
  • After that, use alcohol to clean the operating area. Then wash out with normal saline.
  • You need to apply some topical anesthetic, operate before the anesthetic onsets.

When you are using Microneedle skin roller?

You need to smear the essence on your face. Roll micro-needles on the affected area. After that, start rolling with the forehead in vertical direction. Roll completely for the device to affect well. Do not force it with too much pressure. You need to roll over the forehead, about 4-5 times in the vertical direction, backed with minimal strength. Roll over the same place with the same intensity to the level of the same area in horizontal direction.

After Use

Now you need to smear retreat red essence or anti-allergic essence to scrub the operated area.

The micro-needle rollers should be washed after you have used it. You need to hold the roller with left hand, and then fix the roller’s head with left thumb and index finger. Then use a brush to remove the foreign objects sticking onto the needles.

Collagen Hyperplasia

                      Microneedle Skin Roller Dermacare

After that, you need to soak in 10 minutes with 70% alcohol, or ultraviolet light for disinfecting the area. Micro-needle roller will completely drain after 12-24 hours.

Micro Needle Magic

If you want to remove marks, scars and prolong the early signs of aging, then this article is for you. Some of you may require an affordable way to do it. So, Micro Needle Magic is the answer for you, as you will get unparalleled satisfaction with the use of it. The product helps in keeping your skin tight. Stimulation of collagen in turn helps in making you look young, and your skin more supple.

The results start appearing within a few days after you first start using the product. The great thing is that there are no real side effects unless you have very sensitive skin.

So, do not waste time; try this out and witness amazing and miraculous results on your skin!

Rejuvenate Your Skin Using The Microneedle Derma Roller

Microneedle skin care system

     Try Microneedle skin care system

Anne looked in the mirror and gazing at her skin, she could only feel pity. Once, her skin used to look beautiful and now they have turned quite dry, rough with lots of acne scars. Even though she is just 23 years, she looks much older and this annoyed her a lot. She had already tried many skin creams, moisturizing creams, ageing creams and others, which promised to get rid of the marks and turn the skin soft without any scars. However, since they did the opposite, she felt that she should try something quite different and one of her friends told her to try the microneedle skin care system.

About the microneedle skin care system

Anne was new to microneedle skin care system and she decided to try it because, it made use of the natural healing technique and this convinced her that it was safe to use. The microneedle skin care system had been used by many so far and all of them are very happy with the results. The microneedle skin care system makes use of a handheld device and it has many microneedles on it. There would be about 540 microneedles, which create microscopic punctures on your skin surface. Thus, Microneedle skin care system enhances or stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Anne purchased Micro Needle Magic, which was the best Microneedle skin care system available and it had about 540 microneedles with were made of titanium. They were highly sterilized and hence they would not cause any kind of bacterial infection. Anne was anxious as she expected to feel pain when the microneedle roller would be rolled on her skin.

Acne scars

          Use Microneedle skin care system

Anne cleaned her face and after drying her skin, she took Micro Needle Magic and rolled the same on her skin and she only felt a tingling sensation. The device was rolled back and forth on the area for about four to five times during the first session. She tried it again after five to eight weeks and this started to change the condition of her skin. Anne soon identified the difference on her skin, which was now soft and without much marks or scars. For effective results, she used the microneedle skin care system for a few more months after which her skin looked absolutely gorgeous! She is very happy today and recommends Micro Needle Magic to all her friends.

Micro Needle Magic cost only $39.99 plus the shipping and handling charges. Hope you would try it soon!

Uses Of Derma Microneedle Roller

Microneedle Skin Roller

                Benefits Of Microneedle Skin Roller

The advent of skin needling technology during the late 1990s revolutionized the process of skin care. It opened the doors for the painless skin care therapy. Additionally, the risks of damages post treatment were avoided. Microneedle skin roller tops the list of derma roller devices with its unique features. Let us see the features of the most advanced device designed for skin care without any side effects.

Unique features of Microneedle skin roller

Microneedle skin roller is designed with precision-engineered titanium needles to implement the skin needling process effectively. It is lightweight and at the same time, quite strong. When the Microneedle skin roller is gently moved over the affected skin, it makes small incisions over the skin. When the skin gets stimulated, it produces collagen and elastin fibers. Collagen, a much-needed natural substance for curing skin damages, reduces with the increase in age. In fact, when Microneedle skin roller is rolled on, it enhances the production of collagen naturally within the layers of skin.

Even though Microneedle skin roller makes small incisions on the dermis, it does not destroy the skin. Microneedle skin roller helps fast absorption of topical skin care products. When the skin is stimulated, it aids the essential ingredients to flow inside the dermis, making skin repair compete. It allows optimal absorption of ingredients in skin creams to help cure skin damages naturally. The result is a glowing skin without any scars or blemishes. Microneedle skin roller uses natural skin repair methods and hence it is fully devoid of side effects. Collagen aids in skin strength and favors elasticity.

Most Advanced Device

                 Microneedle Skin Roller For Skin Cure

Microneedle derma skin roller delays ageing. In fact, the process of skin needling takes months. You can start seeing the results 30 days after the treatment. Skin needling technology from Microneedle magic favors DNA regeneration and cell growth. Microneedle magic is 100 percent free from harmful side effects. In fact, laser skin care therapy and dermabrasion cause skin irritations, instances of hyper and hypo pigmentation, itching and scarring. On the contrary, Microneedling is the safest and fastest way to reduce skin damages.

Microneedling supports skin remodeling. Skin remodeling is the process by which the skin cells are regenerated by removing the dead skin cells. New skin cells will be replenished and the skin starts appearing younger.

Micro Needle Magic is the innovative skin care therapy that uses natural ways to restore your damaged skin. Pay only $39.99 to get a scar free skin. Regenerate new skin cells with Micro Needle Magic!

Points To Be Considered Before Using Derma Rollers

Micro needling

                      Micro needle derma rollers

A youthful and blemish-free skin is what everybody desires. However, due to lack of proper nutrition and inadequate care for our skin, blobs, acne marks, or scars may appear on the skin. If you do not get enough time to spend in parlors or for skin care therapies, micro needling is the right option for you.

Micro needling is the method of treating the skin naturally. Micro needle derma rollers make small pores on the skin and promote the production of collagen, a body component that heals the wounds on our skin naturally. When you apply creams or lotions after micro needling, it helps in better absorption of the applied skincare products.

Despite the fact that micro needling is a simple and inexpensive way of removing unwanted scars, marks, and spots from the skin, you should consider a few points before using derma rollers. For instance, you should prepare a hygienic environment prior to micro needling. It is important to make the derma roller sterile with alcohol disinfectant solution, and wash your hands properly with soap before you begin.

Experts suggest preparing the skin where you intend to use the micro needle therapy with a topical anesthetic gel before the procedure. Though this is not necessary, applying an anesthetic gel would help the tiny needles get deeper into the epidermis and aid in better results. While micro needling on your skin, use the derma roller back and forth, horizontally, vertically, and diagonally with gentle pressure. You can add a slight more pressure if you have applied an anesthetic gel on the skin, but do not use the roller rashly to make deeper pores.

Prominent derma rollers

                           Micro Needle Magic

Micro needling is a pain-free therapy and you should use the derma rollers appropriately. If you see any blood coming out of the pores, it is advised to stop using the derma roller immediately. Wash the treated skin with cold water and dry it to allow the natural healing process start. Applying Vitamin C and E rich moisturizers and lotions on the treated area would further support collagen production and skin healing.

Micro Needle Magic is one of the most prominent derma rollers available in the market today, which is medically approved for treating acne marks and other non-keloidal scars from the skin. Interestingly, users testify that they witnessed positive results after using this affordable derma roller for just 4-5 micro needling sessions.

Why wait? Regain your youthful appearance with Micro Needle Magic and fight the signs of ageing by keeping your skin spot free. Order now!

Dealing With Scars And Blemishes On Your Face

Derma Roller

            About Derma Roller Skin Treatment

Some of us are very self-conscious and are so worried about the minor scars on the face. Then, there are others, who love to get tattoos and piercings on their face. You need to avoid both extremes. You should not worry about the minor scars that are barely noticeable, as they are part of the natural process of skin healing.

However, if you cannot handle some bad acne scars or blemishes on your face, then you need to see a dermatologist rather than feeling depressed about it. There are many treatments available that good take care of the scars and make them look less noticeable, from expensive laser treatment to the simple and affordable derma roller skin therapy.

About the derma roller skin treatment

Of course, not many people could afford the expensive laser treatment sessions. There are many other effective solution like the derma roller skin therapy. This involves making minute punctures on the affected area on your skin, and starting the skin healing process.

When you had the scars for the first time, they healed and acquired the colour and shape they’re of now. To facilitate this healing, your body produced the proteins, collagen and elastin. The derma roller skin treatment triggers skin healing in the same area by making these minute punctures. These punctures are too small to make any new scars, as they done using micro needles.

These small punctures would be enough to start the cycle of skin healing process that would last of few weeks, where your skin would continue to produce more collagen and elastin in the area. As a result of this healing, the old scars in the same area would become soft and faded and become less noticeable.

Once this cycle stops, undergo another session of derma roller skin treatment to trigger the process again, and continue this treatment for many more months. As you can see, this would take some time, as it relies on the skin’s natural healing process to do the job. However, if you are patient enough to undergo a few sessions, giving enough time for the skin to heal in between, you would soon start to see some changes, and the scars would have already become less noticeable.

About Micro Needle Magic

Titanium Micro Needles

                  Micro Needle Derma Roller

For this type of skin treatment, you need to use a good quality derma roller. A good option would be the Micro Needle Magic brand available in the market. The Micro Needle Magic derma roller uses medical grade titanium micro needles that would cause no irritation to the user.

Follow the instructions carefully, use the Micro Needle Magic derma roller on the affected areas of your skin, and you will see the results in a few weeks.

Procedure To Use Dermaroller On Nasolabial Lines

Microneedle Roller Skin Care

                 Microneedle Roller Skin Therapy

There is a lot of research done on cosmetics, skin-care and anti-aging products these days. And it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of products available in the market. Derma Roller are the rage currently, and they’re designed to alleviate anything from hair loss to skin discoloration, wrinkles and even signs of aging.

One of the reasons for the rising popularity of these things is that most of them work by speeding up the natural healing skin is capable of. There are no visible side effects to this, except from excessive use.

There are two ways to go about using Micro Needle Magic. The first one is slightly more aggressive, involving weekly treatment of the affected area, and application of a topical anesthetic gel; the second involves lighter applications without the use of anesthetic. The latter type of Microneedle roller skin care treatment can be done up to five times in a week. Whenever you are using the Microneedle roller skin care product on the nasolabial area, you should take utmost care, as this area is far more sensitive compared to others. Here are the instructions to use Microneedle roller skin care.


  • Make your skin clean, ideally sterile. Apply a thin layer of the topical anesthetic gel. Wipe of the excess with a paper towel.
  • Roll the Microneedle roller skin care product o over the area to be treated four times horizontally, and four times vertically. In case you are using a topical anesthetic, you may want to press it down more firmly for a more aggressive treatment of your skin. But if you feel or know that your skin is sensitive, then don’t do this. As mentioned already, move the Microneedle roller skin care roller precisely and carefully in the nasolabial region.
  • Wash the treated area with ice water after application. This will decrease pain and sensitivity. Apply moisturizer. When you are using the Microneedle roller skin care roller, it will ensure your skin readily absorbs it. You need to use a moisturizer containing vitamins A, C and E, and then make sure it does not contain any fragrance, to minimize irritation.

    Derma Roller On The Nasolabial Area

                 Microneedle Skincare Therapy

  • After that, rinse your Microneedle roller skin care roller under running hot water for cleaning it after use. In case you used a topical anesthetic, you need to rinse the Derma Roller head in disinfectant for a minimum of 30 minutes. You should then remember to leave the Microneedle roller skin care roller out to dry before storing.

That’s how Micro Needle Magic is to be used on your skin if you wish to get optimal results. These will start showing within the first few weeks, so be patient till then.

Rejuvenate Your Skin Using Microneedling Therapy

Microneedle skin dermal roller

             Use Microneedle skin dermal roller

Skin is the largest organ in our body and it acts as a protective layer. When acne, scars or pores start appearing on our skin, it starts affecting our confidence. Since women are more concerned about their skin, they would find it difficult to go for parties or functions with their dry and rough skin.

If you have been encountering the problem of acne, scars, fine lines or wrinkles, do not worry because you could definitely try the most effective treatment that would cure the acne or pores by making use of the skin’s natural healing technique.

Try microneedling

Microneedling is a skin treatment that is normally done by making use of the microneedle skin dermal roller and it is a handheld device that consists of 540 medical grade titanium microneedles. This microneedle skin dermal roller is capable of creating small punctures on the skin upon rolling the device on the affected area. Thus, the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of the skin, starts producing collagen and elastin and these are the proteins that are responsible for healing the skin tissue.

When small punctures are created on the skin using the microneedle skin dermal roller, you could apply the moisturizing cream or acne creams that would pass nutrients to the skin tissue, which gets absorbed easily. Moreover, the damaged skin cells are replaced with fresh new skin that is soft and supple.

How to use microneedle skin dermal roller?

Let your skin be perfectly clean and for that you can wash your face using a mild face wash and dry your skin. Now take the microneedle skin dermal roller and apply it horizontally and vertically over the area four to five times. You could even apply a numbing cream before running the microneedle skin dermal roller.  You can have two to three sessions a week initially and after a gap of five to eight weeks, you can commence the next session.

protective layer

              Try Microneedle skin dermal roller

Do not expect the microneedle skin dermal roller to show results soon. After a few weeks only would you find your skin to be quite smooth and supple. They would turn younger as new skin tissue had replaced the old ones.

About Micro Needle Magic

If you were looking for an effective microneedling device, it would be best to purchase Micro Needle Magic. This is one of the most effective and widely used microneedling devices available in the market. It is made of quality materials and would be effective on all types of skin.